The shape of the greater Seattle area landscape was scoured by glaciers for thousands of years. During the last ice age (Pleistocene), an ice sheet nearly a mile thick covered much of Puget Sound, carving the familiar north to south pattern of hills we see around us. What to do when those steep slopes manifest in your front or back yard, making it difficult to find a flat spot to sit, walk, or place things like a garbage or recycle bin?

We recently helped a customer deal with just such a situation – no place for outside storage of refuse containers, and a steeply sloped back yard that was difficult to access and use. To address the situation, we did several things.

First, we built stone steps down the side of the house to the back yard. This allowed us to create a level area at the top of the steps for storing the customer’s refuse containers. The level area is surrounded in part by a beautiful rock wall and planting area that will come to life this spring.

In the back yard, we created a terraced feel using rock retaining walls with a stone path that traverses part of the slope. We even included a water feature that brings life to the area.

Below are a few photos from the project.

Need Help Managing Your Slopes?

If you’re in need of help managing the slopes on your property, give us a call or drop us a note. Let our expert engineers help develop a solution for you.

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