There are two big reasons that landscaping always ranks at the top of the list for wisest decisions when investing in your home.

Reason #1: Investment, Resell, and Curb Appeal.

Even in hot housing markets, if people drive by your home and are not impressed, they’re not going to walk inside. You only get one chance to make a first impression when a buyer pulls up to your home. That’s why the best bang for your buck comes from projects that enhance curb appeal. First impressions count the most. The first impression comes from what the buyer sees when the car pulls up to the curb. Think about refreshing mulch, trimming shrubs, and planting seasonal colorful plants. These small investments create value when selling a home. Most evidence shows you’ll get more than a 100% return on investment for money spent on landscaping. Studies have shown you can recoup around 93% of the costs of adding stone veneer.

Choosing to enhance the curb appeal of your home is a wise decision that will add more value to your home than you may think. If you only invested in upgrades for the interior of your home, then you may lose potential home buyers that will judge a home by its appearance. Adding a landscaped porch, patio, or pond, will create more interest and will make your home more inviting to guests and potential home buyers. The National Association of Realtors and the National Association of Landscape Professionals conducted a survey in 2016 to determine which outside projects offer homeowners the best value. An overall landscape upgrade topped the list with an estimated 105 percent return on investment.

Reason #2: To be Able to Enjoy Your Forever Home at its Best

Many people hold out for as long as they can without making any significant upgrades or improvements to their home. They may think that they are saving money and are making a wise decision to not refinance their home right away and invest their home’s equity back into the home by making upgrades, improvements, or repairs. I have seen this backfire on many people. What happens is that when they decide to sell their home, they spend either cash or get a loan to make improvements to the home in order to get a higher resell value. If they would have invested in upgrades and improvements from the very beginning, they could have enjoyed living in a newly remodeled home for many years.

Some great examples of impressive curb appeal:


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