Retaining wall, flower garden and parking space for 2 cars.

Client from Issaquah wanted a retaining wall for a flower garden and parking space for two cars.

First we had to build up the yard to make the retaining wall level. Then we placed the stone to make a wall.

Building a retaining wall that “steps up” the slope is an easy way to create more usable space and enhance the look and feel of your landscape. Some of the key steps in building a wall that steps up at the base are to make sure the foundation or base of the wall is set to the proper depth and compacted to prevent settlement.

Stackable stone walls create a nice border and increase lawn or garden space. Retaining walls can be a great way not only to help with erosion and water drainage but also to create beautiful, usable garden space.

Retaining wall made space for the flower garden and supported parking for two cars.

Clients were very happy with the results.

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