Rock Stairs in Fall City

Clients had stairs made from old train track wood that was in very poor condition. They wanted to upgrade their stairs to rock.

We removed the train railing and replaced it with beautiful rock steps that makes thier landscap look like a park walk way.

First we had to find the width of the steps. We used large rock slabs, the width of the slabs was the stair width. The last step is a bit wider than the rest of the steps.

We started by marking the top of the steps placing stakes in the ground to mark the width at the top and another at the bottom to mark the bottom width.

We removed the extra soil to make room for the rock stairs. Then we set the rocks in place and made sure they were level.
We dug out the hill directly on top of the first stair tread to make a space for the next stair tread. Place the second rock or series of rocks in the excavated space with the front of the rocks overlapping the back of the first rock tread by a few inches.

We finished the staircase by placing smaller rocks on each side of the walkway.

A rock staircase can become slippery here in the Pacific Northwest after a rain, so use caution when going up or down the staircase.

The rock staircase was a huge success. The clients loved the finished project, we love when we can make the customer satisfied.

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