Sprinkler system at our clients home in Mercer Island.

Our client was tired of dragging a lawn hose around the yard to water his yard and plants, so he hired us to put in a new sprinkler system that handles both the front yard and the back yard

Installing the underground sprinkler system took a lot of work,digging the trenches and preparing the yard, but now it can be turned on with a simple switch.

Placement is important, it is very important when installing a new sprinkler system to have the spray from one sprinkler head to make contact with the spray from the other sprinkler heads so you water the whole lawn leaving no dry spots.

The sprinkler system on Mercer Island will ensure the beautiful lush lawn our clients are hoping for in the coming months, and years.

Our clients were very satisfied with their new sprinkler system on Mercer Island.

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