Client wanted us to make a dog run on the side of his yard. The problem was, his yard was mainly soil, so of course when it rained his dog was continually dirty and always tracking the mud and dirt into the client’s home.

To solve the problem, the client wanted to put pea gravel along the side of his house. Since pea gravel is small; there was a chance that the gravel would go under the fence to the neighbor’s yard. To solve this problem, we placed pressure treated 2x8x8’s along the fence, making a retaining wall to keep the gravel in the clients yard, and prevent it from flowing to the neighbor’s yard. .We made sure everything was stable. We used 2 and 3 feet long metal stakes to support retaining wall.

We repaired his sprinkler system main and finished by laying the pea gravel making a nice spot for his dog to run while staying clean and, out of the mud.

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