Christmas Landscaping Ideas

Christmas yard decorations welcome others into your home by means of drawing the eye from the road to your doorstep. When someone arrives at your home, the first thing they see is the area near the road. Making this a welcoming space is very important. Decorate with lights, garland, and bows to really draw the eye to your home and welcome those who have come to visit you for the holiday season.

Mini Lights on Fences:

String decorative light strings or icicle lights along fencelines to convey a sense of gently falling snow. Create an attractive border to the property, or use garland lights draped in swag display.

Outline Walkways with Light Stakes:

Walkway lights are great for outlining, a practice which takes bulbs and equally spaces them in the ground with Christmas light stakes to hold the light string steady. Since light stakes range from 4.5″ to 15″, take into consideration the weather around the home and purchase accordingly. Areas with lots of snow will need the 15″ stake, while areas without snow will only need the 4.5″ size.

Hang Garland on Fences:

Artificial garland works well on fencelines, gates and entrances. The rich green coloring matches evergreen trees in the yard and works to add color back to a yard during winter. These garlands can be prelit or wrapped with mini lights to continue the warm, welcoming theme to the fence. This kind of Christmas greenery is best when used in long lengths, allowing the garland to drape slightly in between fence posts. Add red Christmas bows and mount matching prelit wreaths on posts, windows, or doors.

Add Walkway Trees:

There are several versions of these miniature Christmas trees on the market, including small green trees and spiral trees made up of Christmas lights. Walkway trees range in height from 2 to 4 feet, while animated LED light show trees can extend all the way up to 9 feet in height. A wide selection of light colors allows these trees to fit the theme of the rest of your Christmas lights display.

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