Landscaping Tip for the Fall Season

Keep the Color Going! Did you know that there are a variety of plants with plenty of color that continue to thrive into late fall? Here is a list of 10 plants that can still add plenty of color for the fall season. 1. Butterfly Magnet 2. Zinnias 3. Heat Tolerant 4....

Recently Finished Project!

In this project we renovated an older deck and added a path with polymer seal between the stepping stones. These landscaping jobs were on the Eastside in both Kirkland and Bellevue. Check out the pictures below to view the work we did.

Landscaping Tip #10

Have Fun with Plants As a landscaping idea, utilize what plants do naturally. Many plants take on a life of their own and add a lot of style and characteristic to your landscape. Ivy is a great example of how a plant can add another dimension to your landscape. Ivy...

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