More Pictures From Kirkland Fence Job

Here are more pictures to go along with the previous post from the landscaping fence job that was recently finished in Kirkland. We added many more pictures with different angles as well as before pictures so you can see how dramatic the change was. A new fence can...

Beautiful Fence Built!

Here is a beautiful fence that we just recently built for a client in Kirkland for a landscaping job that they requested American Rose Garden to build for them. We are posting a couple pictures so you can see the different angles!

New Path Built

Check out this beautiful new path we built from a recently finished landscaping project in Bellevue, Washington. We took a lot of pictures to try and show all of the detail.

Landscaping Tip #4

Plant a Tree! Did you know that trees contribute as much as 10% of a $100,000 property’s overall value? But the value does not end there. A tree provides shade! Shading can reduce your energy and water bill by casting shade over your home and casting shade over your...

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